A Christianity Worth Believing In

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 750 words essay on True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In. This article seeks to provide a general overview of Cheong’s book.The book, which is mostly fictional, starts with a private note from the author where he points out that evangelical churches are misdirected when it comes to what the gospel should be really about (Choung, 10). He expresses sentiments that Christians have diluted the gospel by concentrating almost all of their efforts on an individual’s eternal destination after death. The author desires to illustrate that Christianity means more than just preparing for eternality and aspires to establish the legitimacy of views about the gospel by studying Jesus. He in addition states that he hopes to capture more accurately the message of good news just like Jesus taught it.Choung addresses the gospel and how it is currently presented by telling a story of Caleb, who is still in his youth and his encounter with his classmate and friend who happens to be unsaved, called Ana. Caleb has for a long time been a Christian but comes to the realization that he finds it difficult to preach to anyone about his faith because to him, it no longer sounds like good news and unrealistic. According to him, the claims of truth by Christians present itself as arrogance, hollow and intolerance. This is worsened by the bad track record Christians hold of condemning all who they do not agree with. From these views, Caleb concludes that the original presentation of the gospel that he was raised in, which he christens as formulaic evangelism (Choung, 22), is no longer as effective as it should be. He realizes that the lives of most of the individuals believing in the message of the gospel apparently lack permanent positive changes. He begins to seek answers to several questions like:Caleb’s questioning mind directs him to meet Shalandra Jones, a professor who happens to understand Caleb’s diminishing interest in the faith and offers him mentorship. Professor Jones also encourages him to continue asking questions. The

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