A comparative study of IVF

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Write 2 page essay on the topic A comparative study of IVF (in vetro fertilization).Therefore, due to the high scientific relevance for human beings, this topic of study has been chosen. It has been a fact in the US and other countries that there has been an increase in the infertility rates. Especially, there are almost zero chances of women getting pregnant in their late 30s and 40s. IVF acts as a problem solver to almost around 90% of such cases.The procedures that are incorporated in the IVF treatment, the benefits associated with such a treatment which eventually results in a healthy mother and baby. The minimum specification of this treatment is getting a healthy baby.Kiplinger’s Personal finance March 1989 issue, “Changing times: The American dream” discussing about the IVF technique says “IVF is most effective in surmounting tubal problems, endometriosis or sperm scarcity”The American Dream. Changing Times: Kiplinger’s Guide. 1989. Web. 31 January 2012. In this issue the author talks about the IVF technology and in which cases this should be used. The author also states that IVF should be the last option that should be tested and all other options should be tried and used before going for IVF.“IVF is the process of combining an egg and sperm not in the body, but in a laboratory dish. When the IVF procedure is successful, the process is continued with a procedure known as embryo transfer, which physically places embryo in the uterus”Barbados Fertility Center. Healthy Travel Media. 2010. Web. 31 January 2012. In this book the author talks about the procedures involved in the IVF technology and how an IVF process could be assumed to be successful or not. This book also discusses the costs and expenses associated

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