A culture of the organisation

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

A culture of the organisation is related to assumption, beliefs, norms and values of a person that is shared by the members of the organisation. It shows the personality of the organisation, and based on previous success or what the organisation has done before. There is no doubt that it is not easy task to change the organisation’s culture because it impact on the productivity of the employees as well as the growth of the organisation. But it is not impossible. It requires a very strong leadership and some changes in the policies that can force and implement the new culture in the environment of the organisation. The various difficulties and issues related to change in culture are resistance to change, create the situation of confusion and conflict etc. People are not easily ready and accept the change in the organisation culture because they have some misconception related to lose of their power or authority. Due to their resistance to change, there are more chances of havingthe confusion while doing the work and it may create the conflicts at work place also. Thus managers need to take this issue carefully and by analysing the situation and role of culture; he can alter it as according to the requirement of the organisation.

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