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A Economy or government related

A thesis and an outline on Economy or government related. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. HOW ECONOMISTS CAME TO DOMINATE THE CONVERSATION How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation Summary In the article, Wolfers (2015) traces the roots of economist and its development throughout the years. In the work the author traces the development of Economics through an assessment of the manner in which the field has taken over the newspapers throughout the years. This advancement slowly led to the weakening of arts such as Psychology, Sociology and even Anthropology since the fields were seen not to be of great importance to the society (Wolfers, 2015). With the help of graphical representation, the author clearly traces the roots of the different fields from 1860s to 2014. One can clearly see how Economics has overtaken all other fields. Wolfers (2015) gives an explanation of the development in question by arguing that the Great Depression was the major reason why Economics took over. The government needed to devise a way that would relieve the country from the economic strains that it had gone through. The economist came in handy. Major focus and importance was given to Economics as it gave answers to the existing problems as opposed to Psychology or even Anthropology (Wolfers, 2015).In the work, the author also explains that Economists are also consulted in numerous fields today, including fields that touch on social issues (Wolfers, 2015). This explains why Economics has become a major for many students, as the field is extremely marketable in the job market. The popularity of the field is also expected to increase with the years. Reaction From Wolfers’ (2015) work, I agree that the field of economics has taken over the field of Social Sciences. In the present society, it is evident that a huge percentage of articles, even in the archives, mention concepts related to economists. The number of articles on Psychology, Sociology and other arts are reducing by the day. This explains the extent in which the world is shifting towards an economic turn. Wolfers (2015) also explains that the rise of economy began in the 1980s to date. This can be linked to the Great Depression that caused massive impacts on the economy of the country. After the catastrophe, the government opted to come up with stringent measures that would prevent such an occurrence (Wolfers, 2015). This explains the great interest in economics. I agree with the author’s sentiments as the government was obligated to come up with measures that would see to a stable economy. The historians that had taken up a huge share of the market had no place, and were slowly overtaken (Wolfers, 2015). I believe the economists were justified. No government would risk yet another economic downturn especially after adverse effects on the first depression. I do not think the US had any other alternative. Though Sociology would have been higher in rating, since it would have offered a chance for creation of proper policies, it still takes a lower ranking. Economists are even been consulted in Sociology and Psychology issues. A good example is issues affecting the youth (Wolfers, 2015). This explains how careful the government is, in dealing with its issues. Reference Wolfers, J. (2015). How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation. The New York Times, 23th January, 2015.

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