A program to calculate the average performance

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Quiz Grading System You are creating a program to calculate the average performance of 5 students in the class on three different quizzes, as well as the average of the total class on the quizzes. Write a program that asks the user to enter five student names, then prompts the user to enter scores for quiz 1 for each student, then the scores for quiz 2, and finally scores for quiz 3. The program then calculates the averages for each student at the end of each student row in a separate column named “Quiz Average”. Finally, the program shall output the overall class average on all three quizzes. There are only 5 students taking the quiz and there are only three quizzes. Your program should prompt the user (professor) to enter the following information: • Students’ names • Quiz score for each student on three different quizzes. The program then outputs the following information: • Students’ names in a column • Quiz score for each student on quizzes 1-3 (Each in its own column) • Quiz Average for each student • Outputs the overall class average on all quizzes Please refer to the Sample Output file for full details of what the program should look like when it runs. Program requirements: 1. Your program MUST read all the information (student names and score received) BEFORE doing any other processing (e.g. calculating the average of quiz scores) 2. You MUST store the following information in five different arrays: • Students’ Names; • Quiz 1 score for each student, • Quiz 2 score for each student, • Quiz 3 score for each student; • The average for each student. (Not entered by the user) 3. Your program MUST include the following user-defined method, in addition to the main method: • A void method to enter the student’s names. It will be receiving an empty array that will be used to store names. • A void method to enter the student quiz scores. It receives array with the names of the students and three empty arrays that should store the quiz grades for the students • A Method to compute and return to the caller an array with the average of the quizzes per student. The method will receive the arrays (Quiz 1, Quiz 2, and Quiz 3) as input • A method to compute and return the total quiz average. This method will receive the array with the average of the quizzes for each student. • Void method to print out the report and which receives as input all the arrays needed to printPossible high-level outline for the logic of your program (you do NOT have to follow these steps – this is just a suggestion): • Loop to read the name of each student into an array • Another loop to store the quiz scores received into an array • Call method that has loop to calculate the average quiz score per student. • Call method with a loop to calculate the average score earned by the total class • Call method to print the students’ names, scores on each quiz, and average quiz score for each student This assignment MUST be created individually. You must turn in your OWN source code and Java bytecode executable file. You MAY NOT share files! Instructions • Compile and execute your program to ensure that it works correctly. • Be sure to run your final program using the sample data included in the Sample Output file to ensure your program works properly.• Make sure your output labels match those in the Sample Output file exactly. Notes • You MUST store all calculation results in variables. • You do NOT need to worry about formatting the decimal places on values you calculate • You may perform the tasks in any order so long as your output follows the format of the output in the example scenarios contained in the Sample Output file • You must include the one user-defined method specified above. You may include additional methods if you want, but you MUST include at least this method in addition to Main. • Do NOT use global variables unless you have a REALLY good reason for doing so. (perhaps a SIZE constant)

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