A question of interest

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a detailed research proposal designed to investigate a research question of interest. This is the second stage of the research proposal and should be building from the first shorter version that you submitted earlier (i.e., Research Proposal Part I). Keep in mind that this is a proposal for research; you will not actually be conducting the study. Therefore, feel free to use a design that clearly addressed the issues in which you are interested, irrespective of the level of complexity if implemented in the ‘real world’. For your hypothetical research project, assume that you have adequate level of funding and sufficient time to complete the study. The following is a breakdown of the required elements of the proposal:  Component Word Guidelines Title Page  Abstract 150 Literature Review 1350-1950 Design/Methods 1500-2500 Results/Products 125-250 Ethical/Legal 250 References Min. 10 Overall Presentation  TOTAL 3500-5000.

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