A recent poll found that 3096

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1 . A recent poll found that 3096 of those surveyed are worried about aggressive drivers on theroad . If three people are selected at random , what is the probability that all three will beworried about aggressive drivers on the road ?A ) 0.900 B ) 0.027 6 0.081 D ) 0.3002 . In a second grade class containing 15 girls and 9 boys , 2 students are selected at random togive out the math papers . What is the probability that the second student chosen is a boygiven that the first one was a girl ?A) $ 15 8 ) 5 9 0 1 3 D )1 238 233 . In a large bag of marbles , 40% of them are red . A child chooses 4 marbles from this bag . Ifthe child chooses the marbles at random , what is the chance that the child gets exactly threeed marbles ?A ) 0 154 8 ) 0 . 230 0 0 . 346 DI 0 .256

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