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A rhetorical analysis about People Like Us

Write a 3 page essay on A rhetorical analysis about People Like Us(by David Brooks).This is probably because David Brooks wishes to explain to people about their denial. Throughout this article, David Brooks suggests that people do not accept that they engage in discrimination on a frequent basis (Brooks 1).These people talk about the issue of diversity but they never practice it. For example, the same people who suggest to others that they should appreciate diversity live close to people who resemble them. They live next to people who work in the same places as they do or those who have the same education as they do. David Brooks has a fascinating context for his article because of several reasons. First, David Brooks approaches the issue of diversity from a modernized perspective. He introduces the notion of current neighborhoods in which there can never be diversity. David Brook also admits that he wishes that there would be neighborhoods where people with significant diversity would live together in unity (Brooks 1).David Brooks realizes that he cannot convince his desired audience in an easy manner. He ensures that there are several rhetoric strategies to persuade his desired audience. Brook engages in an intense critic of the existing ideas on diversity. The entire article is a critique of the views, which modern people have on the issues of diversity. For example, Brook blames the nature of all the people who live in the current society. He says that the nature, which these modern people have, encourages them to practice extreme levels of segregation. David Brooks persuades his entire audience that there needs to be less discriminatory cases. This is because Brooks understands the negativity of segregation from his experiences (Brooks 132).David Brooks continues to criticize the ideas on diversity in a strategic manner. In the article “People like Us”, Brook mentions some of his personal experiences. The experiences that he mentions in the article clarify certain issues to his audience. For example, readers notice Brooks’

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