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A rhetorical analysis

Perform a rhetorical analysis of a work of your choosing. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.who plan on getting married to cherish their marriage rather than their wedding day, albeit a cursory glance of the article merely gives the impression of a comic trying to make the audience laugh by relating a personal story. By using informal language, appropriate diction, exclamatory sentences, sentence length, and persuasive appeals, Winchell has successfully conveyed the message she sought to express: weddings are not marriages themselves. they are just preludes to what should actually be given importance.April Winchell, by relating the experiences of her own wedding right at the beginning, lays out her credibility for writing a wedding related article. She was also a bride once and so she is qualified to write about weddings and the feelings of the brides, the brides-to-be being the intended audience: seeing how the name of the website where the article was published is brides.com, it is all but natural to assume that the intended target audience is brides-to-be. Therefore, there is no doubt that, rhetorically, this article is sound when it comes to ethos.Winchell normally resorts to informal language, resorting to slang as well in some cases, as she is not aiming to write to a scholarly audience. Her target audience is made up of people (or brides) who come from average households in America, and who are more comfortable using slang or, at least, conversing very informally. Moreover, the use of informal language by Winchell is quite effective in that through its use Winchell has avoided sounding too “preachy” even though the main objective of her article is to give advice.The style and tone of the piece comes off very casual and relaxed, as Winchell has chose to write in vernacular, take this excerpt from the article, for example, in which she is describing her dress “I don’t recall where I got the dress, but I’ll always have the memory of how butt-ugly it was.” It is very apparent here that not only is Winchell using vernacular

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