A sample of an ideal crosslinked rubber

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

A sample of an ideal crosslinked rubber has a number average molecular weight between crosslinks of 5000 and a density of 900kg/m3. A block of this rubber, a cube of sides 100mm, is tested at a temperature of 300K.a). What is its tensile modulus?b). What is its shear modulus?Axes X, Y, and Z are chosen parallel to the edges of the cube. A compressive force FX is applied in the X-direction, to reduce the X-dimension from 100mm to 50mm.c). Calculate FX­A further compressive force is applied in the Y-direction to reduce the Y-dimension to 75mm, the X-direction remaining at 50mm.d). What now are the magnitude of FX and FY?e). What has the Z-direction now become?f). How much strain energy is now stored in the block?Assume the rubber obeys Gaussian statiostics and make all other necessary (or usual) assumptions to solve this problem.

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