A social Critique of the Judgement of Taste

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Write an essay on Chapter of: Dinstinction: A social Critique of the Judgement of Taste by Pierre Bourdieu, translated by Richard Nice 1999. It needs to be at least 500 words.of the two ideas taste emerges which is a unitary collection of distinctive and specific preferences that express the same expressive aim in particular logic of the individual symbolic furniture, sub spaces, language, body hexis and clothing’s. Through the habitus system Bourdieu shows the evaluation and breakdown of the different acts, practices and traditions by different economic and social classes. People in different social and economic class have different habits and practices (Bourdieu 2013, p.172). People’s practices in the society are characterised and influences by the social and economic class which they are in. People in the same social and economic class seem to have same taste and lifestyle.According to Bourdieu’s habitus is a mind-set which enables people to deal and interact with the social world. It is the mental structure and internalized schemes by which man perceives the world. It is acquired and established in a person as a result of the long term experience and exposure to a certain position in a social world. People have different habitus as it is determined by their position in the social structure of the society. Habitus exists as a framework but people don’t just respond to it mechanically (Bourdieu 2013, p.186). Bourdieu suggest that habitus produces and it is at the same time produced by social world of man. External structures are internalized by people then externalized again through practices. In the chapter Bourdieu strives to merge subjectivism and objectivism. He also examines constructivism which involves social beginning of schemes of thought action and perception. He depicts the construction and development of objective sets with regard to how people construct and perceive their individual social world without ignoring how construction and perception get constrained.Space of lifestyles refers to the competitive market place where cultural economic symbolic and social power is used. Bourdieu analyses the various

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