A study for hearing-impaired students

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Write an essay on For a study. It needs to be at least 250 words.The participants for the study included hearing-impaired students attending junior high or high school. Besides that, their mothers were also qualified to participate in the research project. The student and mother required to make use of any quantity of American Sign Language so as to be able to be involved in the study (page # 177, Lines #12-24). Correlations were conducted to establish whether a relationship exists between skill level of the mothers and the English literacy of the children according to the STAR test (page # 174, Lines # 5-7). A total of seven children and six mothers were involved in the study (page # 178, Lines # 1).Results indicated that there was no significant relationship between skill levels of the mothers and the students’ English literary as measured by the TGSL-R. It was also found out that from 2010, students with higher A’ scores from TGJASL-R also seemed to possess higher scores on the CMA or ELA CST. There is a significant relationship between the ASL ability of a student and skills in English literary. These findings were supported by Strong and Prinz (1997). The amount of years a mother utilized ASL influenced her A’ scores on the TGJASL-R. Finally, there was a significant difference in performance between those who are native users of ASL and those who are non-native users of ASL (page # 185-186, Lines # 4-20. Lines # 2-16).Buchholtz, S., Lachs, L., & Boudreault, P. (2011). The effect of mothers ASL skill level on the English Literacy of their Children. Journal of the American Deafness & Rehabilitation Association , 45 (1),

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