A Windows application that computes the occupancy rate

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

program in visual bacikThe Galaxy Hotel asks you to write a Windows application that computes the occupancy rate of thehotel. Occupancy rate is a percentage equal to the number of rooms sold divided by the total numberof rooms available. The hotel has seven floors. The user should use an InputBox function to respond totwo questions about each floor: How amny rooms are occupied on that floor? How many rooms on thefloor are vacant? Display which floor you are asking about in each question. Display how amny roomsare occupied and vacant on each floor in a ListBox object. After the user has entered all the information,display the following results: the total number of rooms at the hotel, the number of occupied rooms,and the number of vacant rooms. Also display the occupancy rate as a percentage, such as 61%. Non-numeric values should not be accepted. Do not accept negative numbers. Publish the application aftertesting the application.

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