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Ability to make logical, knowledge

1)The degree to which people believe a person has the ability to make logical, knowledge- based decisions on a subject is: Competence Character Connection Caring2) Walid has just interviewed a community member to gather information for his upcoming speech. Which of the following is the best statement to use when citing the source orally? “During an interview on September 22, 2012 with Anne Rippley, Founder of WatchWorxs” “Anne Rippley, who was born in Illinois and then traveled around the country, agreed to be my interviewee” “After finding an interview on the world wide web at www.WatchWorxs/3324.care.com “Anne was my recent interviewee from WatchWorxs”3)During the speech, the audience perceives that there is a lot of distance between the speaker and the audience. The speaker probably should have devoted more attention to________. Establishing common ground. Establishing credibility. Establishing a thesis. Establishing primacy and recency.4)Which of the following is an example of a thesis for an informative speech? To inform my audience about the steps in flying a kite Penalties for people convicted of drunk driving should include mandatory jail terms. To persuade my audience to urge their employers to implement tuition reimbursement plans. There are three time management techniques that can improve your grades without reducing your productivity.

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