Abuse against Children at Don Dale

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

The Abuse against Children at Don Dale. Write a 1250 word paper answering; the mistreatment of children at the Queensland youth detention facility indicates the extreme abuse by the state.&nbsp. Whenever a parent harms a child a report is launched and the state has the power to remove the child from the family.&nbsp. This way parent care is no longer required as the state cares for the welfare and upbringing of the child. The arguments follow the need to develop responsible citizens in the future (Appleby & Reilly, n.d.). Given the bad upbringing, the state desires to prevent the breeding of abusive citizens. Ideally, the interest is to break the cycle of violence against children by the parents.&nbsp. This is difficult to understand the reason behind the extreme abuse of children at detention facilities given the state have the monitoring and reports equipment. Australia has reported considerably highly cases of complainants to prepare children in detention. According to NT (Northern Territory) referring children as state responsibility follows the duty of care that is expected from the parent. However, the harm caused to children is detrimental as the physical and emotional wellbeing is affected (Loveland, 2018).&nbsp.Reevaluation of the reports as per the ABC expose is significant. Ideally, the international standard is often set on the kind of force to be used against children in detention the international standards recommend the isolation and the kind of action that would result in juvenile detention. The engagement of the state in protecting the detained children follows the increased cases of children detainees that were subjected to a harsh environment (Welstead & Edwards, 2013). Findings reveal that the detain centers meant for the youth did not meet the required standards to be used as a rehabilitation center. This way, the condition paved the way for the potential abuse of the children. The vacuum made the children vulnerable and was depicted noting what was happening behind the closed cells. Further, their wellbeing and health were in jeopardy hence inadequate protection.&nbsp. Don Dale incident did not follow the Australian guideline. Children suffered punishment owing to the deplorable conditions they were subjected. The intention of the management could be seen to follow the punitive culture of restoring discipline among the detainee (O’Leary, 2016). However, the operations breach the human rights of any detainee.&nbsp. Every detainee has the right to a clean and healthy environment regardless of the crime committed.&nbsp. Unhygienic conditions caused children to risk being sick. Equally, the provision of such a porous environment puts the state of the center at risks as their working condition is affected by the lack of responsibility by the management (Loveland, 2018). Detaining centers are set to support the rehabilitation process. The context of Australian detaining centers displays how there is no possibility of a functioning justice system. The exposure captures the same boy five years later being stripped on a chair by for guards and his faced hooded. It is beyond belief to see a similar scenario happening for the second time with no prosecution or action taken against the culprit. Viewers were shocked all over Australia. Whatever was happening tot eh boy was not justified and contravened human rights.&nbsp. The story told cannot in any way sanitized via contextualization. Interestingly, the government sets an inquiry on the exposure. Royal commissions investigated the abuse of the boy at the children detention center. The revelation only points out those similar instances could be taking place at the facility without the knowledge of the state.&nbsp. The abuse of the children that the citizens expected to be looked after is subjected to cruelty. The culture is not acceptable even if the children committed huge crimes (Commonwealth of Australia, 2017).

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