Academy of management

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

The article i need done as shown in the below example please have tot own words only a good healthy paragraph as shown below example find the article on googl Academy of Management.the Academy of Management Review, 26 posting Journal Article reviewed Article reviewed Strategy & Leadership, 26AbstractInteresting findings/lessons learnedThe article highlighted the work of Larry Downes and Chunka Mui where they introduced 3 new forces which they deemed to be more reflective of the current external environment namely; (1) Digitalization (2) Globalization, and (3) Deregulation. It was argued that these 3 new forces made this framework more instable, dynamic and complex. Even careful market observation cannot foresee all potential new entrants or substitutes that might enter the market virtually overnight, driven by technological progress. Organizations have to adjust their structures, processes, business models and strategies to this new dynamics

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