Accessing the online databases

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help watch the video above over accessing the online databases. Then complete the database activity in your next Writer’s Notebook below. You will be finding sources for your media analysis. You will use Academic Search Complete to find them.You can access the online databases from the Richland College Library homepage (there is a link on the left sidebar). Click on Databases (in the left column) and then click on Academic Search Complete at the top of the page. You will have to login with your student ID email provided by DCCCD. Your email starts with a lowercase E followed by your student ID. Here’s an example:Login: d.eduPassword: eConnect passwordIf you do not know your eCannect password, you can try logging in on the eConnect webpage. There is a box you can check to get your password hint as well.Whenever you search a database, always look for the “Advanced Search” feature, which allows you to combine key terms. Using key terms selectively is also important. Also, when searching for authors in a database, always place the last name first, since items in a database are alphabetized. You can also use the drop down arrow to search specific things like authors, titles, journal names, or even ISBN numbers.The information presented here will be covered in your unit quiz at the end of the unit!For this Writer’s Notebook assignment, you will search the databases to find two peer reviewed academic sources from the online database Academic Search Complete that you can use in your media essay. The best place for you to put your sources is in the implications section. For example, if you are writing about a Cheerios commercial and your thesis is that Cherrios supports interracial marriages, the consequences of your findings might be to reduce racism and support diversity and equality. Therefore, you might find some sources that discuss the benefits of supportive environments for interracial children or the benefits of equality in society. You should be able to find some sources that present that type of information. For this assignment, you will list the two sources, the names of the articles and their authors followed by their main claim and an explanation how you plan to use them in your essay. At the bottom of your short paragraphs, please include the Works Cited for each article. I will check your Works Cited and give you specific feedback.For example, you might say, “I plan to use the article “…”  because it claims […] to prove that stereotyping African Americans as bad fathers hurts families and only reinforces the belief that black men do not make good fathers.” Please be sure to fully explain how you plan to use each source. One sentence may not be enough! In other words, you will have two short paragraphs about your sources followed by the correctly cited Works Cited page. To recap, you need the following:The title of the articles and the names of the authors One sentence stating the main claim or thesis of each article One to two sentences explaining how you will use each source The Works Cited page following your sentences with each source cited correctly on itPlease make sure you put your assignment in MLA format and submit it as an attachment! Grading rubric:Scholarly peer-reviewed article from a database        Main claim of the article                           15 Explanation over how it will be used        15 Correct Works Cited                                 20 Scholarly peer-reviewed article from a database       Main claim of the article                           15 Explanation over how it will be used        15 Correct Works Cited                                 20 Total                                                                     100

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