Accident camouflage

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When an accident occurs on a highway, the cars involved in the crash move to the shoulder but many of the drivers passing by feel the need to slow down and get a glimpse of the accident. It creates back up on the highway and it is dangerous because drivers are now not focused on the road. This product is called the “accident camouflage” and it is simply a large roll of plastic camouflage, with two poles on each end, that can be stuck in the ground at one end of the accident and one on the other end. This way when drivers look by they won’t see the accident or cop cars and feel the need to slow down thus losing their focus off driving. The only thing they will see is a wall of camouflage that covers the whole scene.*******With this product ” Accident Camouflage”.I need a summary of these points(all together)*******-Identify and describe your product or service.-Write a mission statement, define your business, and develop a code of ethics -Identify possible consumer behaviors. -Differentiation, positioning, and target market identification and profile.-Pricing.-Place (Distribution).- Service.-Promotion *******Answer These Questions*********.1. Situational Analysis (SWOT) • Consider the internal/external variables that might impact your product/service. • Identify the global opportunities and threats that may exist. 2. Develop Marketing Objectives • Set specific and time-sensitive goals in terms of sales, market share, customer satisfaction, and image development.3. Re-evaluate and finalize your brand name.4. Determine what packaging will be used to distinguish your product/service. If a service, describe any uniforms or brand-specific attire for technicians/employees. 5. Is your new product/service an innovation or a modification?

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