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Accounting Scholarship

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Accounting Scholarship.Next, to this, it is further stated that my aims and objectives are crystal clear. My personal interests, understanding, and abilities in the field of Accounting drive me towards the achievement of professionalism in this field. I also feel that the field of Accounting offers prestigious career options for students like Finance Specialists, Accounting Associates, Financial Accountant, Budget and Management Analysts, Accounting Assistants and Accountants. So, I greatly wish to have some association with any of such jobs as my future career to achieve best possible excellence. Furthermore, I also want to mention that it is my utmost desire to serve in any of a big firm of Accounting in the US like Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG etc after completion of my higher studies. The progress and success of these companies really inspired me a lot and motivated to perform even better in life.Next to academics, I also wish to mention here my community involvement. I worked at community level voluntarily several times. I have the great impression as far as my teachers are concerned as I have always participated in class activities, presentations and discussions. I have also created good impression amongst my peers and teachers. So, right now I judge myself as a successful student who is enthusiastic in chasing his goals- a person who wants to consume his tendencies in the accomplishment of his goals. Please give me a chance for this scholarship. I am sure that you will find me a very successful and distinct person.

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