Achieving Competitive Excellence Principles

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

How the Achieving Competitive Excellence Principles Can Positively Affect Quality in an Organizations Products and Services. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The principle of internal marketing emphasizes on achieving motivation of the employees through appropriate training, support, and reward systems, so the service to the external customers becomes very satisfactory. Kotler indicated that the principles of internal marketing look forward to accomplishing the highest degree of customer satisfaction possible, and it is only possible through employees delivering quality service. The philosophy of total quality management takes the approach of integration of all functions and processes across the organization to achieve continuous improvement of quality. It has been indicated that the total quality management is a process of integrated functions within an organization in order to achieve continuous improvement of quality and services, where customer focus, defect prevention, performance measurement, and continuous improvement are inherent. Thus it is an important question of what would be the ideal parameters and indicators of employee performance which can generate customer satisfaction and at the same time maintains quality. It has been demonstrated that a system approach for operations may lead to this goal in the most efficient manner. This, therefore, involves a management approach to achieve quality where identification, understanding, and managing the interrelated processes as a system may contribute to the efficiency in achieving the objectives of the organization. In this manner, the management would involve integration and alignment of the processes that will best achieve the desired results. Ability to focus the effort on the key processes would generate confidence about effectiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness of the organization. If quality management means a systematic approach of operation of continual improvement, the system needs to be structured with the objectives of the organization in mind, and the processes must be aligned in the most effective and efficient way.

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