Active LNG 4 & 5 CRJ 520II

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Active LNG 4 & 5 CRJ 520II.Yes, Motivational Interviewing should be taught to all Probation Officers including those with years of experience on the field of corrections. This should be done through training workshops. The training should focus on strengthening core skills, role play, and coaching. The trainers should have prior experience with probation services and on the field of corrections.According to Clark, Walters, Gingerich and Metzler (2006), Motivational Interviewing brings officers back into the “business of behavior change.” Probation officers become enforcers of court orders, but not active participants in the offenders behavioral change. Motivational Interviewing helps probation officers to build a positive and collaborative relationship with offenders. This creates an atmosphere of trust where offenders can express themselves and talk about change (Clark, 2006)Motivational Interviewing trains probation officers in basic listening and speaking strategies such as ask open questions, affirm positive talk and behavior, reflect what you are hearing and seeing and summarize what has been said. This technique enables probation officer to gather information about offenders such as their personal strength and assist them in planning (Clark, 2006). Motivational Interviewing encourages officers to be honest with offenders about supervision and sanctions should they go wrong.Clark, M.D., Walters, S., Gingerich, R. & Metzler, M.(2006). Importance, Confidence and Readiness to Change: Motivational Interviewing for probation and parole. Journal of American Probation and Parole Association. 30(1), 37-45The ability to conduct Motivational Interviewing is one of the essential skills of a Probationary Officer because it facilitates the “business of behavior change.” While Probationary Officers may not be the active personnel to

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