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Active primary care physicians

The activity includes 3 questions. Using the data in the textbook dataset, answer the following questions:Question 1Create a rate for active primary care physicians (C10) using the 2012 population (C2) in each county, a rate for social security beneficiaries (C12) using 2012 population (C2) in each county, and a rate for public school expenditure (C18) using 2012 population (C2) in each county. Use a base number of 10,000 for active care physicians, a base number of 100 for social security beneficiaries and public school expenditure.Question 2Using the variables primary care physician rate and social security beneficiaries rate from Question 1:•Produce a histogram and boxplot for each variable. Experiment with creating additional displays.•Which display(s) are most useful to include in a report summarizing these variables?Question 3Using the variables public school expenditure rate from Question 1 and SAT grand total average (C21):•Calculate the following statistical information: Mode, Median, Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Range, First Quartile (Q1), Third Quartile (Q3), standard deviation.•What do these statistics tell you about the similarities and differences between the two distributions?Your report must include:•Details of the calculations for primary care physicians, social security beneficiaries, and average public school expenditure. You must show the formula you used for each variable for one county.•Detailed answers to all questions. Your report should include the specified graphs and statistics. You must include at least one paragraphs for Question 1 with at least three sentences that describe your calculations, and at least two paragraphs for Questions 2 and 3 with at least four sentences per paragraph (one paragraph per variable that describes the graphs for Question 2, and one paragraph per variable that describes the summary statistics for Question 3).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30S05P2fV4Y&feature=youtu.be

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