Adaptation to climate change

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words assignment on adaptation to climate change in developed and developing economies. The abstract of the article begins by asserting that climate change will affect poorest countries the most. Reasons given include. geographical locations, low income and low institutional capacity and the reliance of poor communities on climate-sensitive sectors like agriculture. He is convinced that even if the climate is fully mitigated, and all plans to fight climate change implemented, some degree of global warming will be experienced as a result of emissions already released in the atmosphere. His objective in this paper is a systematic and critical review of current literature on the impact of climate and choice of adaptations across countries and gather comprehensive policy framework especially those relating to developing countries. He suggests that the impact of development policies on climate change initiatives and adaptation methods. He believes that the adoption of clean technology by the developing countries is pivotal in the fight to control the rate of emission. However, there is need to educate the developing world on the imminent danger of climate change.The introduction highlights lack of an effective international authority to be responsible for enforcing responsibilities for all entities, the divergent view held by the developed and the developing world with regard to the aspects of climate change. The paper stresses the need for a better understanding of the hostile impacts of climate change across the world so that both the developed and the developing world can tackle climate change from the same platform. The paper also espouses the dangers of the greenhouse gas to social, economic and ecological systems across the world. The result of greenhouse gas includes extreme air and ocean temperatures, rice in sea levels and changes in precipitation patterns followed by violent weather events.

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