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Administration of criminal justice organizations

Environmental or external factors often influence the management and administration of criminal justice organizations. Take, for example, the growing role of technology in law enforcement organizations. Technology eases management and administration of criminal justice organizations by facilitating better communication (cell phones, computers), simplifying the tracking of criminal elements (monitoring devices), and improving information collection (DNA and law enforcement information databases such as LEIN). The development of technological devices over the past 20 years continues to assist law enforcement professionals in day to day activities, including management and administrative activities. For instance, computers and communication devices have changed the flow and access to information. The Law Enforcement Information Network System (LEIN) provides officers direct access to information on suspects and warrants, allowing them to have fast, reliable information. Although technology has had a significant impact on the criminal justice system, it is only one external factor of many that influences both the management and administration of criminal justice organizations.Review the Chapter 1 presentation Consider how a complex environment impacts the management and administration of criminal justice organizations.Review the Chapter 3 presentation Think about forces that affect the environment in the town or city where you live.Consider how at least two environmental and/or external factors in your town or city impact the management and administration of a local criminal justice organization in the area (police, courts, corrections) you selected.

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