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Advanced business application programming

Write a 11 pages paper on the future of advanced business application programming. ABAP is a fourth generation language which utilized for the thousand small embedded programs known as transactions that structure the application.&nbsp. ABAP is a code written in a language like COBOL that is also known as interpretive language in syntax.&nbsp. The language is able to be coded to appear almost like COBOL.&nbsp.Its application permits SAP clients to expand the functionality of the core product (Nina, 2000). SAP is extremely flexible, it is capable to be employed for particular business functions quite than the entire business enterprise and can be customized for the companies for there precise requirements.&nbsp. Each SAP installation has its own precise configuration and set of functions.&nbsp. The price of adapting is that when upgraded each customization have to be recognized in the ABAP code and modifications made.&nbsp. This shows that upgrades are extremely expensive (Nina, 2000). Customization should be evaded for stretchy upgrades in the SAP software. A work process linked by means of the database and has an ABAP language processor and interpreter. ABAP residues the language for producing programs and applications for the client-server R/3 system, which SAP initially came out in the year 1992 (Nina, 2000). As computer hardware area developed in the course of the 1990s, progressively of SAPs systems and applications were written in ABAP background. SAP offered an object-oriented addition to ABAP known as ABAP Objects, by the side of with R/3 release 4.6 in year1999. By the year 2001, all except the main basic functions were written and coded in the ABAP language (Boyle, 2007). If we talk about the ABAP programs and their applications then we come to know that ABAP programs.

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