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Advertisement wants to convey

Write 1 page essay on the topic Advertisment.But one finds this appropriate because the picture really says it all. The paragraph below is just additional information to emphasize the message the advertisement wants to convey.The advertiser wants to persuade those who will see the advertisement that cigarette smoking does not have to be manly.As written in the paragraph below, it is an expression for one’s love for pretty things (Lindstrom). Additional information is given in the paragraph stating that the cigarette is also available in menthol (Lindstrom).The messages in the print advertisement are arranged in such a way that the most important message that the advertiser wants to convey is presented first. The use of big letters in the statement, “Farewell to ugly cigarette. Smoke pretty.eve.” is very fitting (Lindstrom). The prominent picture of the pack of cigarettes also contributes to the message that the advertiser wants to put across his audience. On the whole, one thinks that the print advertisement is very effective in capturing the attention of its market. Even without the paragraph below the picture, the readers have already understood and absorbed the message. The advertiser has achieved his goal.Eve Filter Cigarettes. Advertisement. Lindstrom, Andrew. “50 inspiring vintage advertisements.” 30 September 2008. wellmedicated.com. Web. 12 March 2013

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