advertising of food on children

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 9 pages paper on the impact of television advertising of food on children. A common concept that is used within society is the use of eating food and the different habits that it promotes among children.&nbsp. It is known from parents and the medical community that the advertisements that are a part of some of the food campaigns have the ability to change the healthy eating habits of children.&nbsp. Promoting specific types of foods and snacks cause various changes in what children believe they should eat as well as what is acceptable in society. Understanding the basic role that the media plays in eating habits and beginning to evaluate and change the way that the industry functions can help to alter the promotions that are being used. The main problem that is associated with children’s health and the media is based on what is being advertised on television and the promotions that are associated with this. The junk food, as opposed to the nutritious food that is advertised, is imbalanced with what is being promoted. Specifically, there is a promotion that moves toward more junk food that shows that this is the best food to eat. For most children, this leads to unhealthy practices in the diets of children. The knowledge that children have about food, attitudes that they carry over what to eat and the intention of what should be eaten begin to change specifically because of the way that the media advertises and promotes different types of foods. The result is that positive and negative attitudes begin to change toward the presentation of specific types of junk food by businesses and advertisements while other advertisements don’t reinforce healthy eating (Dixon et al, 2007). Even though there is a question of the healthy eating advertisements that are in the media, many are continuing to advertise junk food and other components in the media. The advertising messages that are available to children are usually advertised specifically around children’s programming, such as Saturday cartoons. The messages that are available for junk food and from the media continue to be centered on a pop culture that creates a specific attitude and intention toward eating, as opposed to providing levels of knowledge about the food that is being eaten.&nbsp.

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