Aids and stds

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic aids and stds. it improves the efficacy of the innate immune response by focusing the response to the site of invasion/infection as well as providing additional effector mechanisms that are unique to lymphocytes.The two major cell types in blood are white blood cells and red blood cells. Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cells which functions as the principal means to deliver oxygen from the lungs to body tissues through blood. Adult humans have roughly 2–3 × 1013 red blood cells at any given time (women have about 4 million to 5 million erythrocytes per cubic millimeter (microliter) of blood and men about 5 million to 6 million. On the other hand, white blood cells are components of the blood. They are manufactured in the bone marrow and are instrumental in depending the body against infectious diseases and foreign substances. White blood cells are part of the immune system. In a normal adult, There are normally between 4×109 and 11×109 white blood cells in a litre of healthy adult blood — about 7,000 to 25,000 white blood cells per drop.B-cells circulate throughout the body with antibody molecules on their surfaces. When they pick up the signal of a particular antigen, they multiply and transform into plasma cells, which are essentially minifactories with one purpose: to churn out the precise antibodies that hook onto the antigens of the interloper.T-cells, on the other hand, migrate to the thymus. There, with the aid of various thymic hormones, immature T-cells grow, learn to recognize and attack antigens, and develop a range of specialized activities. The thymus is the master gland of cell-mediated immunity, a veritable training school for different classes of T-cells. There are three types of T-cells: T-helper cells which orchestrate the actions of other immune cells. killer T-cells which liquidate invading microbes, viruses or cancer cells. and suppressor cells which maintains properly balanced immune responses.

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