Algebraic expression

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Four people have these amounts of money: x, 2x, x+12, and x-3 a) algebraic expression that gives the total amount of money they have b) expression that gives each person’s share if they share the money equally c) expression that gives the total remaining if each person spends $15 d) if the 4 people originally had a total of $119, how much did each person have? . Peoples have moneyx 1 2X , X12 ( x3Now total amount = X+ 2x+ x+12 +x-3= S X 412 -3Su+gbNow total money = sxtgfor equall share 2 5xtgNowthey all 4 spend $15 eachHencetotal . 15×4 = $60…

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