Alicia decides to conduct

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Alicia decides to conduct a study with 3-levels of Aptitude (IQ) groups ( Low Avg. <85, Avg. 90-110, Superior >125) with 3-levels of treatment:1.    Advanced Primary Reading Program2.    Open Court Reading Curriculum3.    DISTARThis is called a 2 Way 3×3 ANOVA designHypothesis:The statistically significant results are: (p value, ETA2)-Aptitude 0.0001,77%-Treatment 0.045,5%-Apt x Trt 0.17,13%The interaction effect we discussed in class happened when aptitude 2 and aptitude 1 overlapped on the graph. It shows that the students with the highest aptitude do the best given a post hoc significant t-test with middle and low aptitude groups. Also, it shows that the low aptitude group appears to benefit from the first treatment best.What are the null and alternative hypotheses?

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