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Allocating Human Resources

Read the “Allocating Human Resources to Projects and Services in Dynamic Project Environments” by Momeni and Martinsuo then compose a formal, APA-formatted paper of no more than 800 words (word count excluding title and reference pages) that:Assesses the research method and design used by the authors Assesses the business problem requiring a researched response  Evaluates the authors’ research purpose  Evaluates the authors’ research question(s)  Summarizes the authors’ justification for researching the business problem Summarizes the authors’ academic foundation for the studyRequirements for Assignment: Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word to the assignment area by midnight CST Sunday APA format: Formal Academic paper with citations and a Reference page, formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines Length: no more than 800 words (title and reference pages excluded).see the attachment

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