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Write an essay on American History Questions. It needs to be at least 750 words.The case occurred as a result of appointment of William as Justice of peace in Columbia. The new president (Jefferson) failed to recognize the appointment a declared it as unconstitutional. The matter was moved to Supreme Court. This case was a significant in the United States judicial system because it gave Supreme Court power to declare laws made by congress as unconstitutional (History.Com, paras.2-4)The four major innovations which advanced American ingenuity/transportation include emergence of electric vehicles. Secondly, was the emergence of satellites that control air traffic, as well as innovation of Maglev trains and smart roads (Waugh and John, p.45)?The two positive actions that Andrew Jackson’s did were voting a bill that helped to re-chartered banks such as National bank. Secondly, he successfully overcomes Carolina from nullifying tariffs law. The negative actions that Andrew Jackson executed is attacking and taking Florida by force. He signed the Indian removal act of 1830 that led to displacement and massive killing of the Indian population (Waugh and John, p.92).Among the three major battles of the Mexican American war include. the first battle of Palo Alto that took place in 08/05/1846 and was led by Alta who fighting Texas. The second war was the battle of Resaca de La Palma which took place on 09/05/1946. This battle was aimed at retreating for Monterrey. The third war-involved Monterrey which took place on September 1846 between date 21 and 24.In this battle Taylor defeated the Mexican (Waugh and John, p.84).The founders of Women rights movement and abolition include. Elizabeth Candy and antis lave movement may be compared in the sense that they both inspired women to fight against slavery. In addition, women anti-slave movements were mostly led by women provided a source of unity among women and a platform where women could

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