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Amine/organic Chemistry

Amine/organic Chemistry. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Amines are organic compounds with strong basic property. When hydrogen atoms are replaced by alkyl group, they have strongly basic whereas when they react with aryl group or aryl group replaces hydrogen atom, their basicity decreases. When alkyl amines react with nitrous acid they form unstable diazonium salt but aryl amines like aniline form stable salts with nitrous acids that can be crystallized and is thus more useful.Amines have strong odour. When they alkyl group replaces hydrogen, the resulting compounds are often extremely foul smelling like decaying flesh and fish and have names like cadaverine and putresine. But, the aryl amines are aromatic.Amines are extremely important compounds that are extensively used in biological applications and industries. In the body metabolism, amino acids are broken down to form amines that form part of neuro-transmitters like histamine, dopamine, serotonine etc. The amino acids are used to make protein which is essential to the development processes of human body. Many amine drugs are also used for decongestion, anti-histamine to provide relief from allergy like cold, hey fever, anti-depressant etc.Primary aromatic amines are used as a starting material for the manufacture of azo dyes. It reacts with nitric(III) acid to form diazonium salt, which can undergo coupling reaction to form azo compound. As azo-compounds are highly colored, they are widely used in dyeing industries (wikipedia). Amines are also used in refinery units to purify gas streams and remove carbon-dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Amines are also used to remove carbon-dioxide from the combustion

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