Analytical Tools

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Write 2 pages with APA style on Analytical Tools. Analytical Tools Analytical Tools Analytical tools in the airline flight are very important. The tools provide relevant data concerning the safety of the airline and also provide the possibility of an accident and the precautionary measures taken appropriately. The examination of various safety related measures is very important (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.Fundamentals of the particular safety management are actually the reporting of investigation based date on the safety related events. Once the event is reported, an airline has the obligation to investigate the event and provide the precautionary measures to be taken so that the event does not occur. This makes the analysis important in that it supports the process of by which the events are reported, investigated and relevant actions taken to help avoid the incidence (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.The identified airline flight data in my case study is events data report. This is a data that has all the events that took place during the flight process. This type of data is useful since it provides the actual occurrence of the journey with other airlines that take the same route. These include the prior preparations of the journey. These prior preparations include carrying the safety materials and equipment for the assurance of getting to the destination. This reports that contain data are carefully filled and safeguarded by the operations personnel of a particular flight. They are then incorporated in the flight data monitoring or the flight operational quality assurance program (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.Occurrence reports are contained in most of the airlines and are managed by the ground personnel. Today the safety tools are both conducted and applied by the ground personnel as opposed to the few years ago whereby the tools were only used by the cabin crew and personnel (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.Some airlines have gone a mile further to supplement the safety tools with confidential human factors reporting systems. The tools attend more to human factors as opposed to the details that are found in the typical airline reports. The reports are particularly encouraged by the crew members of the flight by exchanging the relevant safety information. This is one particular way of coordinating the information by getting the right one (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.Digital flight data is electronic in nature and hence easily transferable for long distances. These are the data that are recorded by the radar and hence worked upon. This particular data can be kept on very many airlines at a particular moment. The data is usually worked on as the raw data then analyzed and the findings kept for reference at that moment or the future (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.In summary, the safety flight systems adopted by the particular airline company largely depends on the cost of the system, installation cost, personnel training, software upgrading costs and the cost of buying the licenses that is needed for the full operation of the system. All these costs are calculated based on the profits that might arise or the loses which might be experienced. The cost of training the personnel is the most important in that it may lead to the company spending a lot of money paying workers that is meant to be the profit. As much as the safety system is effective, the airline company objectives must be kept in mind at all times. Need to use comprehensive safety tools that provide comprehensive data that can be relied on particularly on the long distances is mostly the important aspect (Ferrer & Thurman, 2009).&nbsp.ReferenceFerrer, I., & Thurman, E. M. (2009).&nbsp.Liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry: Principles, tools, and applications for accurate mass analysis. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

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