Analyze an ethical question.

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Assignment: For this assignment, you will choose one of the three topics below and write an essay of complete 2-4 pages, should be written in Standard English and done in MLA format.  The purpose of the essay is to analyze an ethical question.  Your essay must include the following format: 1. An introduction with a thesis statement 2. A paragraph that summarizes the article related to the topic you chose below 3. A discussion/explanation of the ethical question(s) related to the article you chose; you must explicitly discuss the ethical question and its significance. 4. Research (incorporated through quotation, paraphrase, or both) from at least 2 scholarly/professional sources not including the article; all research must be cited according to MLA. When incorporating sources into your work, they must be present so as to serve your position/argument/discussion. Because this is a philosophy paper, appropriate sources are those written by other philosophers and directly related to ethics/philosophy. 5. Your own response, including explanation and reasons, to the ethical question/problem your paper addresses.  6. A conclusion Essay Topics:Topic #1: “The Brain on the Stand” This article deals with moral responsibility and problems that arise with regard to it as we learn more about the brain. Topic #2: “Is It Wrong to Watch Football? This article deals with the ethics of our roles as consumers in relation to activities/industries that cause harm to others. #3: “Moral Dispute or Cultural Difference?” This article deals with relativism, cultural relativism specifically.

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