Ancient and Medieval Political Theory

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Write 6 page essay on the topic Ancient and Medieval Political Theory.Plato was an enemy of democracy because according to him, he identified deficiencies in the Athenian democracy. Plato asserted that the Athenian democracy promoted inherent class tension did not focus on promoting equality and liberty of all the people and it was incompetent form of governance (Plato 295).Aristotle offers the best explanation about just city because according to him, a regime is that which provides ‘eidos’ or form to a certain political community. This type of regime by description means a distinct end or ‘telos’ that a regime will hold as its authoritative manner of life. This implies that the regime will organize the authoritative institution within that particular political community. Therefore, a regime is the scheme or form, which arranges political society with respect to its bureau or offices particularly the sovereign. Aristotle argues that the polis is the political environment or society and the political society has power over the citizens or the governed. Aristotle states that what structures the political society is the scheme or structure of the community that has power over and governs over all the other schemes or forms of political community or society that influence human habitat (Aristotle 21-3).According to Plato, inherent class tensions were evident in the disunity between the Athenian classes that lacked discipline and respect to the ordinary citizens because of power. This according to Plato came from the incentives of the governed not to submit to the opinions of the governors. Democratic society in this sense goes on to abuse as contemptible people who honor and respect the authorities and preserves its approval in personal and public life for governors or rules who act like subjects and subjects who act like governors or rulers. Consequently, this leads to dictatorship and revolution. Plato explains that this eventuality leads to totalitarianism which is the most cruel and unjust system of

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