Animals in american history

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on animals in american history. Animals in American History Animals play crucial role in understanding the environmental and cultural history of America. Animals have been integral part of American history for a very long period of time. Animals reveal more about cultural activities as well as socioeconomic activities of ancient Americans. In Slideshow1, page11, the mosaic portrays corn, oxen and people, probably the ancient Americans. In the colonial era, the ancient Americans used oxen in corn production. Oxen were a major source of animal power in preparing corn farms. The picture tells us more about the relationship between oxen and corn production by Native Americans in the colonial era. Slideshow 4:2 contain a dog and horses coexisting with human beings. The picture demonstrates a democratic society where even animal rights are observed. The crowd seems to be busy with their own agenda and no one interferes with the freedom of the dog. Further, slideshow 4:3 demonstrates a free dog in the middle of a crowd. The picture is also an exclusive indication of a democratic society where animal rights are observed as those of humans. In the gilded age is characterized by championing the rights of children and animals in the society. The pictures in slideshow 7:33 of a child holding a horse statue, portrays the defenseless in the society. Children and animals needed protection from abuse in the eve of nineteenth century and in modern American society. In the slideshow 9:27, there is a police dog near a policeman inspecting a car. The presence of the dog in the picture resonates with safety claim of the car model. Dogs have been for a long period considered as a source of security.

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