Anisolated maryland plantation

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Write 2 question into 7 pages ( part 1-5 pages) (part 2-2 pages)111284 from all the assigned chapters. 13. Do not hesitate to consult me while you are writing the paper. 14. I will NOT accept late submission of paper. 15. Do not email me the paper, submit it in CD5, or post it on your web site. 15.1 WILL REGARD COPYING F ROM CLIFF OR SPARKS NOTES AND INTERNET AS CHEATING (PLAGIARISM).DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE {Books or internet)TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. IT WILL RESULT IN A FGRADE FOR THE ASSIGNMENT. QUESTION: (Part I and Part 2) You should write both Parts as ONEPAPER in ONE pdf or WORD File. Part 1 (5 pages minimum) You would have read that Frederick Douglass was born a slave in anisolated Maryland plantation and then escaped. He traveledextensively in the North and abroad and became a prominentabolitionist. He counseled President Lincoln during the Civil Warand in?uenced some of his decisions. What enabled Frederick Douglass to escape from slavery? Inanswering this, you should include all the signi?cant people,experiences, incidents and books that created a desire in him toescape and gave him the ability to do so. You should also explainHOW these factors in?uenced him. Once Douglass escaped hejoined up with abolitionists in the North and became a prominentabolitionist. What role did he play in the abolitionist movement inthe U.S. and abroad? You should also discuss his introduction to theworld of abolitionists, his extensive work as an abolitionist at homeand abroad, and his views on the purchase of his freedom. Youshould discuss his views on the Constitution. You should ?trtherinclude in your answer his views on the Civil War, on AbrahamLincoln, and his work in the Civil War. Part 2: (2 pages minimum) Listen or read the transcript of historian Eric Foner‘s interview in theNPR program. What similarities do you see between Douglass’experiences and the experiences that Professor Foner discussed.According to Foner what reasons did slaves give for wanting toescape? What estimate did Foner give for the number of slaves whoescaped through New York city? What is Foner’s opinion on theimportance of the Fugitive Slave Act? What is the source of theinformation in Foner’s book “Gateway to Freedom" and who foundit? hg?wwwnpngrgm?l I” Ill 3′ T760 644i’gatewag-m-Freegom- heroes-danger-and-loss—on-lhe-underground—railroad to E £1 E Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox

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