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Anova summary

COMPLETE THE ANOVA SUMMARY BY FILLING IN THE MISSING DATA. (NOTE: UP TO FOUR DECIMAL PLACES ONLY)A study is being conducted to know the variability of different diet fads on both males andfemales. Below is the recorded weight loss for each diet fad for each gender. Use 0.05 as level of significance.GenderLow CarbLow ProteinLow FatMale 1563125Male 2783526Male 3674121Male 4643820Male 5673317Female 1 352412Female 2452115Female 3451617Female 4441915Female 535209Answer:H01 = µ1 = µ 2 = µ 3 or all diet fads have equal effects.H02 = µ1 = µ 2 or both males and females have equal weight loss.H03 = The two variables are independent or there is no interaction effect.H11 = At least two of the diet fads have different effects.H12 = There is a difference between genders.H13 = At least two of the diet fads on gender have different effects.Table of Means: Cells, Rows, Columns, and Total      Low CarbLow ProteinLow FatRowsMale66.435.621.841.2667Female40.82013.624.8Columns53.627.817.733.0333ANOVA SummarySourceSSDfMSFPBetween GroupsAnswer5GenderAnswer1AnswerAnswer<.0001Diet fadAnswer2AnswerAnswer<.0001Gender x Diet fadAnswer2Answer8.270.001853Within Groups553.22423.05TotalAnswer29All results are significant at the p < 0.05.

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