Anxiety And Negative Emotions In Second Language Acquisition

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Anxiety And Negative Emotions In Second Language Acquisition.This essay declares that language anxiety is an essential cognitive and affective component that influences almost all the academic and performance areas of foreign language learners inclusive of several skills in writing, reading and speaking as well. As there is strong correlation among perceived language anxiety and performance so it can be justified to acknowledge the relevance of conducting the study incorporating the analysis of anxiety during the second language acquisition especially for ESL students and employed are the methodologies facilitate in minimizing the anxiety and negative emotions. However, the anxiety influences abilities.

However the study does not focus on the basic abilities pertaining to the mother tongue especially in the phonological, syntactic and the semantic regimes. This paper makes a conclusion that the considerations of the range of psychological variables either facilitating or inhibiting the efforts made by new learners of English, we should not fail to notice the issue of power.

This stems out a cognitive-affective bias perceived by the international learner as the language comprising of a rich and powerful post-industrial society, in contrast, the native language may be perceived as less impressive and less respected. This perceived difference incorporating power and respect for native language in comparison with English language could be expected to worsen the psychological difficulties interfering with language anxiety encapsulating anxiety, low self-esteem, motivation, identity conflict, language shock and cultural shock, which the current research is not taking into consideration.

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