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Anxiety Disorders from DSM IV

Write an essay on Abnormal Psychology: Anxiety Disorders from DSM IV. It needs to be at least 1750 words.tanding anxiety, this brief analysis will seek to define the two different categories of anxiety that exist as well as to briefly discuss some of the many different types of disorders that fall under this umbrella definition of psychiatric issues. Furthermore, the analysis will also consider the case of PTSD and the ramifications that this has for the way in which anxiety disorders are understood and treated. Firstly, anxiety disorders ultimately break down into the following two categories: continuous or episodic. As the name implies, episodic anxiety disorders are generally ones which afflict the individual for a brief period of time. Comparatively, continual anxiety disorders are those that are chronic. and only therapy and/or pharmaceutical intervention is able to lessen or reduce their occurrences. Moreover it can and should be understood that anxiety itself relates to four different aspects of experience that an individual might have. These differentials of experience relate to the following physical tension, dissociative anxiety, mental apprehension, and physical apprehension. This is indicated with regard to research engaged by Bogels et al. (2010). Still further, anxiety disorders are almost invariably differentiated between phobic disorders, panic disorders and generalized anxiety disorders. As a function of the vast level of differential that exists within the definition and understanding of anxiety, the reader can come to a more complete and profound understanding of the way in which such an occurrence impacts upon a multitude of levels of personal health and well-being (Lews-Fernandez et al., 2010).As with many psychotic episodes, anxiety and the many disorders that are defined by it oftentimes do not have any type of cure. Rather, they can only be treated by a combination of therapy and pharmaceuticals. Of these two means of treatment, therapy is oftentimes the most effective if it can be integrated within the very first few months or years after

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