Apex Manufacturing

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Apex Manufacturing. To worsen this situation, Apex has been forced to alter the vehicle’s exhaust system due to recently emerged governmental rules on the manufacturing companies to reduce noise levels. In one way or another, these competitors predicted that this would transpire and therefore, implemented this in the recent releases of their vehicles. Apex did not implement this and so it had to undergo expensive modifications. Ten years later, the company had approximately 43% of the global market and this figure was declining as the years went by.Rumors about awaiting plant installations and staff layoffs had ensued for quite some time but barely the past week the CEO was cited in a newspaper articulating that Apex was capable of trimming its staff and predictions of increased sales had been done thus the company will realize enormous profit margins in the concluding parts of the year. He further said that the company was just caught up in these misfortunes and that it will be back on its winning trends in barely two years. The previous morning I got a message from the company’s vice president to attend a meeting in her office at noon. On reaching the premise, I noticed a gathering of the company’s most respected individuals from the management level to the supervisory level. I was updated briefly on the company’s recent directions that the team of experts had concurred on for the improvement of the company.To begin with, a double of the five company’s plants will be shut down hence affecting approximately 900 nonexemplary employees and 100 nonexemplary which totals roughly a third of the firm’s manufacturing personnel. This problem will further be intricate in several aspects. The closed plants have made the most successful variety of motors. The physical location of the plants had increased costs and gave rise to their closure. The plants ought to keep on producing vehicles for a minimum of thirty-two more weeks while the other plants are prepared to succeed the lump in the production.

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