Apple vs samsung verdict

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on apple vs samsung verdict. On the other hand, focusing on the most recent performance of the stocks, it is clear that while Samsung’s share price has plateaued somewhat with the share price stabilizing around 1.3 million Korean won, the share of Apple from the most recent poll has seen a kind of dramatic drop. In the plot, one can see that from the high of US 700 dollars, the most recent share prices are below US 600 dollars. The prognosis for Apple moving forward is a bit shaky, and the recent drop in the stock price may be an indication that the investing public is not so enamored with the prospects of the company in 2013 and onwards, given the more recent missteps made by the company relating to core technologies for its smartphone, as well as missteps relating to the way it has priced its new tablet offerings as well. In contrast, Samsung’s price reflects some stability (Lappin, 2012. Yahoo! Finance, 2012. Google Finance, 2012). The images tell a story, from the point of view of Apple, about how Samsung smartphone designs have evolved over time, and with the iPhone introduction as the mark point for comparing how Samsung designs changed with that milestone. This graphic has been used by Apple’s lawyers before the court to make their case with regard to their claim that Samsung basically copied the smartphone designs of Apple and iPhone. Prior to the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the graphic shows that Samsung phone designs were largely rounded at the bottom, many with keypads, and had small screens. There were also navigation buttons at the center, and in all the phones reflected older design paradigms for the smart phone, lacking touch screens and having visible antennas at least in one of the design. Also, the design for the user interfaces was not optimized for touch, with the screens and the images on the screens being small, and lend themselves to being manipulated with the use of the keypads and the navigation buttons.

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