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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Application essays for an U.S. University.Since I was teenager studying at a boarding school in Switzerland I participated in many extracurricular groups in which I volunteered my time to help others. I’ve helped homeless people, the elderly and others humans in my community in need of someone to help them learn basic skills such as reading and writing or just someone to be there with them and listen to their personal problems. My early experiences in life are my inspiration and motivation to get into academic discipline in which I can take advantage of my business experience in order to work on projects that have social and economic impact for the citizens in local community as well as participating in the international spectrum. A person that studies business such as myself has a better opportunity at succeeding in a postgraduate economic program since the training I received during my bachelor studies in Munich provided me with monetary mentality, understanding and intuition which is one of the basic skills and abilities that an economy student needs to be an effective contributor to the academia community. My career goals once I complete my economic studies at the European School of Economics include working as diplomat at a world renounce organization such as the World Trade Association, United Nations or in an embassy. I would also love to get a change to work directly as an economist as a public servant for the government of my home nation of Germany. My long term career goal is to become a college professor.I had the opportunity to work as a broker for a real estate company in Frankford. This professional experience allowed me to work closely with people making lifetime changing economic decision such as purchasing their first home. Every time I had a chance I would perform market research on the state of the economy and its effect on the real estate market. I would pass on my research findings to my supervisors during group discussions. As a member of the European School of Economics

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