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Apply for graduate school, MA in Economics

Write 2 page essay on the topic Apply for graduate school, MA in Economics.In spite of the fact that I already have a degree for developing a career, becoming an outstanding professional with specialized knowledge in my field is my immediate objective for pursuing the course. This is because my previous academic background is so wide with inadequate ‘in-depth’ knowledge in economic principles and theories for practical application. I further believe that taking the course from a distinguished institution like yours, which is also a key competitive advantage in the job market, and eventually establishing my career in a reputable international organization will be a key to my professional objective. The need for highly rated economists to solve existing economic problems at different levels of the society, local, national, and international levels has also motivated my desire to pursue the Masters degree in economics because it provides an opportunity to influencing policies for the society’s economic benefit.My intention to complete the masters program also factors in a number of personal goals. Upon completing the degree, I hope to work with a social international agency that specializes in economic empowerment of communities in ‘poverty-stricken’ developing countries, a position from which I shall be able to initiate positive transitions in people’s lives besides conducting research into economic theories. Sharing my acquired knowledge with other members of the society is also my goal into the course. I for instance intend to apply my knowledge in lecturing university and college students as a part time activity. Further, upon attaining my professional goal towards a recognized social status, I hope to be a socially responsible member of the society through mobilization and empowerment of the youth towards pursuits for higher education, entrepreneurial ventures, and social responsibility. This is because the youth lacks dedicated

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