Argumentative essay on Manager of a company

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Need an argumentative essay on Manager of a company. Needs to be 6 pages. When it comes to organization in the company, the manager is in charge, be it getting parts to be used in the manufacturing department or distribution of finances and resources to all the departments which is facilitated by the finances and human resources departments. The company has an information system that helps the management know the number of employees in each department and required for each shift. night and day shifts. When it comes to management it’s mostly about leadership though these are two different activities. management of employees and the company resources is led by the top level manager. The manager supervises all the activities through the various departmental leaders. moreover, knowing and listening to our employees needs, ideas and suggestions have a great impact on the leadership of our company. Controlling is mostly about guaranteeing whether as an organization we have achieved our objectives and met our goals. this is done by evaluating the situation of the company after the duration set in the objectives or plan. Evaluation is mainly about comparing the cost and the output/benefits/performance of the organization i.e. no of motorbikes sold, their cost of manufacturing and profit. Noticeably, the management shares this information with the employees, giving copies of this information to all the departments and discussing the different figures. this builds a sense of trust, feeling of involvement and team work for the employees. By implementing these four functions in managing the HD Cycles company, it is clearly understood by the top level management that it’s all about these functions in all the organization’s departments. The HD cycles company has an overall number of 100 employees and five departments/branches i.e. finances, human resources, sales, manufacturing and employee welfare departments. Management is

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