Argumentative essay on Thomson one

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Argumentative essay on Thomson one. Needs to be 4 pages. It is worthwhile noting that, Disney’s success in its marketability is mainly through incorporation of certain key fundamental franchise approaches. Firstly, the company has ensured conformity with the US universal accounting principles. In addition, it fully maintained effective control over its internal financial reporting basing on the ICIF criteria issued by the COSO.Critically, the company conducts an internal appraisal of the efficiency of its financial reporting. Moreover, the company has engaged itself in the guard of its intellectual properties. It has done so through the registration of its business name, product design and the company’s trade mark. Consequently, the company has kept unnecessary competition at a distance through the enjoyment of the above intellectual rights.Secondly, Disney ensures that the management exercises its responsibility of expressing estimations on the said audits in accordance with the PCAOB in the US. Consequently, the management could plan and conduct the audits. hence, it obtained a rational assurance of the lack of material misstatement in their financial statements. In addition, it could ascertain the efficiency its internal control of financial reporting in totality. Significantly, their financial statements entail a thorough examination of the evidence attached to the amounts and the financial statement’s disclosures. Accordingly, they are able to evaluate the employed accounting principles and the made momentous estimates. Moreover, they evaluate the presentation of the financial statement in totality.Finally, the company’s audit of control over internal financial reporting relies on realizing an understanding of control over internal financial reporting. In addition, they review the risk of the existence of a material risk. They also investigate and evaluate the organization and effectiveness of the operations of internal control according to the assed risk. It is significant

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