Aristotle, aquinas and contemporary

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Write a 6 pages paper on aristotle, aquinas and contemporary theories of happiness. In the first phenomenon, happiness can get a description of being the pleasure of a particular moment. In this phenomenon, happiness can be understood as a state of mind that is qualitative. It is often the short-lived state of mind.&nbsp. The second phenomenon is of interest to philosophers and states that happiness is long term and occurs due to a sense of faring well and having a happy life. The document analyses happiness concepts brought about by Aristotle, Aquinas as well as the contemporary theories of happiness (Denise & Peterfreund, 2008). Aristotle is among the major thinkers in western civilization. In the theory of happiness, he stated that happiness is dependent on the individual. He did enshrine happiness to be the main purpose of life and also a goal that every person aims to achieve. The Nicomachean Ethics is among the major works of Aristotle where he states the theory of happiness, and it is still relevant to the present date. Aristotle seeks to answer the question of the importance of human existence and the goals that human activities are directed. Aristotle indicated that happiness forms the end of the efforts made by humans in their daily activities. The desire that people have for pleasure, money and honor is because they believe the goods will result in their happiness. Therefore, goods are means to obtain happiness and happiness comes due to the goods a person possess (Denise & Peterfreund, 2004) Aristotle stated “the purpose of a person to live a definite life is an activity that states the rational principle. He also stated that the purpose of man is a noble act on the purposes, on the occasion that the act is performed correctly happiness results to be an activity in the soul of a person and accordance to virtue.” Virtue is an important aspect of the theory of Aristotle. it has a close relationship to happiness.&nbsp.

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