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Do the following:· Arrange with a VPK private or public center to observe in a classroom for a minimum of three hours. · The observation must be conducted in the morning between 8:30 and 11:30 or in the afternoon between 2:30 and 5:30. · During the observation you will observe one child to complete the entire outline found below and on the following pages. Each question must be answered.· The assignment must follow the outline of the report using bullets to highlight findings verses sentences. You are to write out the observation prompt and then your answer directly under it.· Citations and your textbook must be used for reference on the question that has an asterisk (*) by it. Directions are given under the “Start Here” module how to do this. It must be your textbook as the reference. · The teacher observed must sign the observation form included with this assignment.Analyzing Play and Interaction BehaviorsChild’s age _______________ Name of Center or School: _______Gender _________________  Date/Time of Observation __________Teacher name: ___________­­­  Teacher signature: ________________A. Personality characteristics (3 points possible)Standard 1a1. Give example of the child being shy, extroverted, introverted, gregarious, outgoing, self-directed2. Did the child make more contact with peers than peers with them?*3. What might this tell you about peer acceptance?B. Emotional behaviors (3 points possible)Standard 1a1. How does the child respond to stressful situations?2. How does the child show evidence of sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, compulsiveness, inattentiveness?*3. What does the textbook reveal about children’s emotions? Provide comparison of what you read with the child’s display of emotions.C. Social Behaviors (3 points possible)Standard 1b1. Provide example of altruistic behaviorExamples:a. shows concern for someone in distressb. shows delight for someone experiencing pleasurec. shares something with anotherd. helps another do a taske. asks for attention from another child in a way that reflects kindnessf. cleans up during daily routines2. Provide example of the child’s ability to resolve conflict Examples:a. ability to name the conflict (“he pushed me”)b. ability to name the feeling (angry, mad)c. “tools” used to resolve conflict (e.g. language, and physical aggression)d. ability to seek support of adults when conflicts are unresolved*3. Compare what was stated in the textbook with what you observed.4. How does the child demonstrate ability to be comforted in times of stress by self and others? (1 points possible)D. Play behavior (2 points possible)5. Provide examples below of how the child is engaged in play a. ability to initiate play with one childb. ability to initiate play with more than one childc. ability to engage in sustained play aloned. ability to engage in sustained play with one or more children*6. What can you conclude about the play of preschool children and how it can be influence by social interaction?E. Language Development (2 point)7. Which words did the child speak that surprised you?a. What words were particularly adult like in nature?b. Describe any situation that the child substituted “that thing” or other words to stand for things that the child could not name. c. How did the child verbalize politeness or other social conventions in language?d. Did the child take turns in conversation? Provide one example.Reflection (2 points)Standard 6dWrite a paragraph explaining how you will view children’s play and interaction behaviors differently after completing this assignment.Rubric:Full credit will be earned through providing succinct answers on each titled topic while convincing reader that research has been done to provide all information possible. Full credit will not be given unless all questions are answered under each heading.1 point will be earned in each section if the topic and prompts have been addressed but little or no personal in-depth evidence provided on the child observed. Reflection: Two points earned by adequately address the prompt. A paragraph is written verses a couple of sentences. Proper grammar and sentence structure used.Paper CompositionAssignment should be completed by writing out the prompt and then provide your answer. Proper use of citations and reference used (follow directions under “state here” module) Follow directions of assignment using proper grammar and mechanical skills. Failure to do so will result in points taken of the assignment.Paper Composition Double spaced using 11 font, 3 pages (cover sheet & reference page not included)Correct grammar & spelling Proper use of citations and references.Follow directions of assignment.  Textbook:   Trawick-Smith, J. (2014), Early Childhood Development. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Publishing ISBN-13:978-0-13-452295-1 (7th edition)

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