Arrow network

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Research paper on to do activity on arrow network plus a chart and small questions. Needs to be 3 pages. The rest remain unchanged.Where staff are not interchangeable or the project involves more than one type of resources, resource scheduling becomes complex. It becomes necessary to smooth, within the same schedule, each category of resources separately. Leveling would be very difficult and the decision on the optimum would depend on the judgment of the project manager.The minimum completion time for this project is 45 weeks. The critical paths involve activities BCE and BCG. Any delay on any of these activities would lead to a delay in the overall project. Activities A, D and F have float. There may be delays or expansions on the activities, to the extent of the floats, without affecting the finish time for the project.Apart from the finish-to-start dependencies, an activity-on-node also represents other dependencies. The dependencies include Start-to-Start dependencies, Finish-to-Finish dependencies as well as Start-to-Finish dependencies (Field and Keller, 2007, p.199). A Finish-to-Finish dependency requires that one activity has to finish for the second activity to finish. The two activities may finish simultaneously. The Start-to-Finish dependency requires that the first activity should start before the second activity can finish (Field and Keller, 2007, p.200). In a Start-to-Start dependency, the start of one activity depends on the start of another activity. The second activity cannot start is the first is yet to start. For example, painting a wall would require the cleaning of the wall first. Applying a first coat of paint on the wall cannot therefore start unless cleaning of the wall has taken place.

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